Underground at Ron's Goes Aboveground
 at the 
11 West Mt. Airy Ave.
Phila. PA 19119

May 30th, 2015

7:30PM showtime - 9:30PM 
Click on the link to purchase your $20.00 admission in advance.
Children under 10 free.


Playback Theatre Philadelphia Reunion Performance

Ron Kravitz, Jeanette Ponder, Tom Bissinger, Bobbi Block, Sarah Halley, 
Dance Wareham, Kristen Bissinger, Eric Brunner 

Playback Theatre Philadelphia


There are many kinds of alternative theatre.  Playback is theatre as a
community forum, a place to "polylogue", to explore the relationship
between the personal and the political, between the individual and the
collective. It is an opportunity to hear and be heard, to recognize how
we are similar and how we are different, and to see our lives on stage.

The performance is spontaneous - it is theatre
created through a unique collaboration between performers
and audience. Someone from the audience tells
a story or moment from their life, chooses actors to play the
different roles, then watches as their story
is immediately recreated on “stage.”

Artistically we weave together spoken word,
dance, music, storytelling, and physical theatre in
an improvisational form that can be
serious, deeply moving, and often hilarious. 


Also Featuring:

The Jenkintown Select Youth Chorale under the direction of Alyssa Davidson

The Jenkintown Select Vocal Ensemble
Top row left -
Jake Haury, Henry Gifford, Aviv Jackson, Cameron Fusco, Nathan Miller,
Daniel Westcott, Nicholas Getty, Benjamin Roberts, Albert Koniers, Cade Lafferty, Dan McGarry
Middle row left -
Caitlin Frazee, Julia Guerin, Maggie Farr, Aniya Cager, Taylor Spoerl,
Georgia Griffin, Emma Montroy, Isabelle Stec-Sala, Molly Bruce, Ali Dobbs,
Megan DiPasquale, Mattie McNamara
Bottom Row left -
Yusra Ali, Maya Posecznick, Maya Beaudoin, Laura Dibble, Siobhan Egan,
Mei-Mei Whitney, Ava Staples, Molly Martin
Magdelene Beauchamp, Madison Gardner, Mackenna O’Brien,
Sam Pettinati (not photographed)


The Jenkintown Select Vocal Ensemble 

is comprised of students whose ages range from 13-16.  They are
middle/high school students who enjoy the choral experience and
sharing their love of music with others.  They sing traditional and
world music at their winter and spring choral concerts; the middle
school vocalists will be performing at the Music-in-the-Parks Choral
Adjudication in Hershey, Pa., and the high school vocalists, just
returned from Boston, Mass., where they participated in the
Heritage Festival Adjudication, rating first in their division.

The Jenkintown Middle/High School has a small population of 287. 
115 of those students are in the vocal program.  Most of the students
in the Jenkintown School District participate in sports, theater, music, art,
academic and music honors societies, fund raising activities and many other
organizations. It is a small but mighty school district. The choir is an energetic
and caring community and is eager to share their music with the community.  


Alyssa Davidson is the Choral Director at Jenkintown Middle/High School. 
She conducts the Vocal Experience, Concert Choir, the Honors Chorale, Just the
Guys - Male Ensemble, and The BelleTones, the schools’ all female A Cappella choir. 

Ms. Davidson directs the Fall Musicals and Spring Drama productions at
Jenkintown, as well as running the 4-6th grade elementary school music
program.  She directs the  Grade School Singers and Mini-Singers vocal
ensemble in the elementary school and directs the 6th grade drama production. 

Ms. Davidson is the founder of Flutterbye Theater Company, a non-profit
children’s theater company, housed at the Cheltenham Art Center. 
Ms. Davidson has her BA in Fine Arts/Music, and her Masters Degree in
Multicultural Education, from Eastern University.

The choir will be performing contemporary and world music for this event

Accompanied by Percussionists

Ron Kravitz
Sam Torres
Steve Corsover
Quint Lange

Ron Kravitz, Sam Torres, Steve Corsover, Quint Lange

Quint Lange
is a prolific performer and has been a teacher of drumming for
over thirty five years.  His performance portfolio includes: the Institut du
Developpment de la Personne in Quebec, the Omega Institute in
New York State with Babatunde Olatunji, venues in St. Barthe, the
Turks and Caicos, Key West, Bar Harbor & Maine.  Quint is the founder
of “WE ARE THE DRUM”, a hand drumming workshop for beginning to
“advancing” players. “Making music together involves a collective awareness,
a communal agreement as to how we relate to and use the flow of time,
choosing moments of sound and silence to create rhythm. Our goal as a
drum ensemble is to become one drummer with as many hands
as are playing”.
Ron Kravitz facilitates weekly Community Drum/Music/Vocal Improv 
gatherings at his home in Wyndmoor.  Taking place in the basement is 
Underground at Ron's, his 70 seat house concert series of 17 years.  
He is a facilitator for Music for People MFP, which is a non-profitorganization 
that promotes self expression through music improvisation.  For the past
32 years, he has been playing percussion for Philadelphia's Group Motion 
Dance Improvisation Workshop and is acting musician for two of Philadelphia's 
Playback Theatre
ensembles.  For the past 5 years has worked with
Alyssa Davidson & the Jenkintown High/Middle School Choirs.

From 2002 - 2007 was the sole USA distributor of the Swiss made
PANArt Hang. Is presently the US distributor for Shrutibox.com  


by Ron Kravitz
1012 E Southampton Ave Wyndmoor, PA 19038 USA