Mondays (1-2x/month)

Vocal Groove Improvisations

In essence, we will be making sounds and creating vocal compositions in the moment.  Most often it is with wordless melodies and percussive sound qualities.  Sometimes it's with words that bubble up from the stream of consciousness that resonate and have meaning and other times with fully uninhibited, unabashed sounds with no meaning.  At times we will engage with the Shruti Box, a simple hand-pumped/operated instrument which provides a rich drone background to support singing and musical exploration.

WARNING – This is FUN experience!

Much of this exploration has been influenced by the GREAT Bobby McFerrin, who created his Circle Songs method.  I had the honor playing with Bobby, Anthony Ward (Dancing With Flowers), David Darling & friends in an impromptu concert at the Omega Institute, in 2010. 

This event generally happens once or twice a month on a Monday evening.

New to Vocal Groove or want to enhance your Vocal Groove experience? We recommend starting with our FUNdamentals of Improv Class. It will lay a wonderful foundation for you and help you get the most from Vocal Groove!