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THURSDAYS 7:30-9:00 African Drum Classes

African Drumming with Saantis Fenmu Davis

In this class, we will be exploring traditional West African poly rhythms on the djembe, dun duns (bass drums), bells and shekere (beaded rattle). All levels of experience welcome; appropriate parts will be given based upon your experience level. We’ll also be using elements of improvisation which will allow for access to a fuller spectrum of the traditional sound. This will enable and exercise our ability for creativity to flow. Our goal as a drum ensemble is to become one drummer with as many hands as are playing.

(Outside of class), I focus on music education and performance. i specialize in traditional African music and percussion from all parts of the world. I am from Philadelphia but trained New York and now I come back to my home town to share my gift with the people. I believe music is the way to unify people.

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