Melodic Steel Tongue Drum

a new kind of handpan

rav vast tongue drum handpan

Please contact Ron for to purchase or for more information b:
emailing ron@MusicInTheMoment.com or by calling 215 233 0777

Presently in stock on 3/21/19

1 - E Low Pygmy 
(E2), A2, B2, C3, E3, G3, A3 B3, D4

1 - B Celtic Minor 
(B2) F#3 A3 B3 C#4 D4 E4 F#4 A4

1 - B Minor Penta (B2), D3, E3, F#3, A3, B3, D4, E4, F4

2 - B Pygmy 
(B2) E3 F#3 G3 B3 D4 E4 G4 A4

3 - B MAJOR (B2), E3, F#3, G#3, A#3, B3, C#4, D#4, F#4

D Celtic Minlor Scale: (D3), A3, C4, D4, E4, F4, G4, A4 C5. Played by Jerry Decker