This is the BEST COMMUNITY music making experience around anywhere! The folks who attend really know how to listen! Each spontaneously created passage of music feels like a unique journey. Always present is an inter-woven conversation of melodic instruments and soaring harmonic vocals that are accompanied by a diverse rhythmic foundation beneath.
— Peggy Tileston

Music in the Moment welcomes musicians of all levels, from absolute beginners to professionals, for workshops, jam sessions, classes, performances, and special events all about musical improvisation.

Come explore and develop your creativity, in an intimately fun and focused, playful, safe and inspiring environment.  We will engage in a moment to moment exploration of our self expressions of sound. We will explore melody and song, with and without words, dynamics, listening, silence, (the space in between the notes), rhythms, in and on our body, on our instrument, on drums, conducting, ensemble expression, soloing, toning, structured and unstructured improvisations, the tools for developing our own authentic music.  Just show up with the intention of being open and willing to engage with a playful spirit and to expect the unexpected.