Ron Kravitz

Ron Kravitz, 2011. Photograph by  Stephen Ladner .

Ron Kravitz, 2011. Photograph by Stephen Ladner.

Ron was first introduced to the joys of singing as a boy by his mother, who was a semi professional singer.  Later on along the path, he was introduced to West African drumming by the late and great Babatunde Olatunji.  In 1988, Ron took cellist David Darling's Music For Everyone Workshop at The Omega Institute.  That profound experience opened Ron up to a new world of musical freedom with endless possibility's of self expression.  From the seeds of that inspiration, Ron became a certified facilitator for Music For People, which is an international non-profit organization that promotes self-expression through music improvisation. 

Ron has created a community center of sorts in his residential suburban home in Wyndmoor, PA.  where he facilitates weekly gatherings, hosts African Drum Classes with long time friend and colleague, Quint Lange.   At least 5 times a year his 20 year old house concert series Underground at Ron's, will be presented.  

This is some of what Ron has been doing for the past 34 years:

Fun Fact: Ron introduced the Swiss made PANArt Hang to the US market place, while he was their sole US representative between 2002 - 07.

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