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Copy of African Drum Class 6 class Series with Saantis Fenmu Davis (ONGOING on Thursday evenings throughout the year)

AFRICAN (Djembe) DRUMMING Classes at Ron's with Saantis Fenmu Davis

(ONGOING 6 class series on Thursday evenings throughout the year)

Wyndmoor, PA 19038

(when using a GPS, sometimes Glenside appears. It's all the same)

6 class series @ 95.00

Next up is September 26, Oct. 3, 10, 17, 24, 31, 2019

If you have any questions or would like to sign up, please contact me at or call at 215 233 0777. Thanks! Ron

Saantis Fenmu Davis


In this class, we will be exploring traditional West African poly rhythms on the djembe, dun duns (bass drums), bells and shekere (beaded rattle). All levels of experience welcome; appropriate parts will be given based upon your experience level. We’ll also be using elements of improvisation which will allow for access to a fuller spectrum of the traditional sound. This will enable and exercise our ability for creativity to flow. Our goal as a drum ensemble is to become one drummer with as many hands as are playing.

(Outside of class), I focus on music education and performance. i specialize in traditional African music and percussion from all parts of the world. I am from Philadelphia but trained New York and now I come back to my home town to share my gift with the people. I believe music is the way to unify people.

What I am doing now: I have my traditional African band "Benu Ausar Philly". i am a percussionist for the bands (Philly Reggae Band, Arrastao do Dende, Bad Kitty, Funk Logic, Rafeal Ponde and band, Children of Adam). i just recorded an album with rafeal ponde called "live at the boom room with rafeal ponde". I am also the music teacher in the Philadelphia school system. We work with the youth to educate them on percussion instruments from around the world. I also coordinate the African drums for a bunch of schools ( Mastery Charter Schools, Philadelphia Ballet, FACTS School, Juniata Academy to name a few) that have dance classes and final performances yearly. I also am hired by celebrities to play accompaniment (Debbie Allen, Kenyatta Walker just to name a few).

Background: I have over 20 plus years of experiences playing music and 10 years of teaching. I was raise in traditional African culture so I was born with my instruments. I was taught by master drummers from around the world. I have studied under Tchet Kater of Benu Ausar Drum Company. Second I studied under Brother Yao of Asase Yah Drum and Dance & Basi Kolo. These world renowned teachers taught me when I was young and working with Benu Ausar Drummers and Dancers. I was a part of this group during my pre teen and teenage years. We traveled performing all across the world to London, Canada and US. We performed at the Apollo theater for a week long for an African drum and dance play.

Music is in my blood. I love teaching. My experience has allowed me the skill of teaching any and everyone. My passion comes from the elders who taught me, the culture I represent and the youth that look to me as an example. I know I am a humble part of the cycle of music. I was once the youth looking to the masters for guidance and now I am the teacher guiding the people and one day I wish to be the elder who inspire so many youth to become master drummers.

The number of classes and cost of a class session will vary during the course of a year. Most often, there will be six class sessions.

Most of the folks participating in these classes are adults. However, from time to time, there are inquiries on whether or not these classes are appropriate for children. On the occasions that this has happened, we have had varying degrees of success of that child hanging in there. (so to speak) if this situation speaks to a need of yours, we will first need to discuss over the phone. On all of these prior occasions the parent either took the class as well or was present in the class to make sure everything was okay. If and when that was established, sometimes the child was dropped off and picked up afterwards. We've had ages 9 -16 over the years.

Also, my home is a fragrance free environment! Due to my sensitivity to perfumes, cologne's, after shaves, cigarette's, etc., if possible, I ask that you would attend without a presence of those on your clothes, body, hair, breath, etc.

Also, when participating in these classes, if you are playing any of the "house" drums, rings, bracelets & wrist watches will need to be removed in order to prevent damage from happening to an instrument, hand or jewelry.

Drums (djembes) are on hand for class use as well as for purchase.

On street parking.