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Philadelphia Area VOCAL GROOVE IMPROVISATIONS (Every 4th Monday)


(4th Monday’s of every month throughout the year)

Next is August 26, 2019 at Ron’s 1012 E Southampton Ave Wyndmoor PA 19038

Donation of $20 appreciated!

With a sense of play, imagination, exploration, rhythm and movement, we will engage each other in vocal compositions that are created in the moment. Most often it happens with wordless melodies and percussive sound qualities, that will be alive and morph as we go along. Sometimes it's with words that bubble up from the stream of consciousness that resonate and have meaning. At times, we will be using the Shruti Box, a simple hand-pumped operated instrument which provides a rich drone background to support singing and musical exploration.

Much of this exploration has been by inspired by Bobby McFerrin, who created his Circle Songs method.

Quoting McFerrin ... "It's primal, unadorned singing. I've always felt that singing a song without words makes one song a thousand songs because the people who hear it can bring their own stories to it. The use of wordless melodies to convey gratitude and spirituality is perhaps the most ancient form of sacred sound. The rhythmic repetition of the sounds is what gives the songs their circular shape and chant like structure."